Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Color of SWAG.

White Female Rapper , Wow!!!!!!
When it comes to hip hop as a culture many fads comes and go. Over the years we have seen the very positive Pan African movement, Gangsta Rap, and The southern fried movement. At this present time we are stuck somewhere in between the thug and bling era. The thug movement, as we all know started with the late great 2Pac and still continues today. The bling era started in the mid to late 90's with the help of Cash Money Records, Jay-Z, P. Diddy and The Wu-Tang Clan. When you combine the flashy foolishness of the bling-bling movement with the braggadocios ''I just don't give a dam'' thug movement you get what is now called SWAG or the swag movement.

   Since the popularization of the world wide web as far as hip hop web sites goes, our music has truly become the new pop. Now don't get me wrong the term pop translate to a short version of popular. Which means that know matter what race, color or creed everybody is listening and doing some version of hip hop music.
  Now, swag is so popular that Old Spice and even Jerry Rice are on your television as authority figures on what swagger is and all about. Like I said earlier even white female recording artists are swagging out during their shows and recordings. The lines of reality are so much removed that it has become kind of acceptable for her to use the N-word like it's not offensive to some black people. Now look, I'm a realist and I do believe in freedom of speech of any artists. As I understand the concept of being a product of ones environment. But to have never been in the hood and use the N-word like that is simply crazy to me. This illustrates my point that certain parts of our culture have become so popular that all one really has to do is hop on-line and get hip to what's happening in our world. Influence is a double edged sword.
   The first time that I heard to word swag used as a slang term was during a rap concert we did in a local club in 2003. The group called themselves The Swagger Boyz. They hit the stage representing Detroit in a very creative way. I remember the hook of one of their songs. Hearing them chant swag, swag, swag over a smoothed out gangsta groove was different and hot back then. That was back when the term and stlye was different and underground. I wish those Boyz would've really made it to the next level of success because they were hot. Now (smh) Jerry Rice, Old Spice and even white female rappers using the N-word calling it swag! I AM TRULY SWAGGED OUT!!!!!!! What is this word coming to.
   As always I was checking out some of my favorite hip hop sites and came across a new music video by rapper David Banner simply titled SWAG. I thought-here we go again. Then while checking out the content of the song he was talking about pretty much everything I just touched on. The track is a mid-tempo swaggalishes joint, which is prefect to get his message across to the current hip hop fan. I love music with a message. Seeing this video, knowing that a so-called popular rapper would drop knowledge like this is a breath of fresh air.
   Another song that I thought was kinda hot was by New York rapper Nore titled Finito which means Finished or done. The track has super producer Pharrell on the hook and beat. This joint reminds me of Nore's old stuff that he did with Pharrell during the late 90's. Check out the video it's "POPPIN". Another hot video and song is by rapper Ace Hood titled Lord Knows. The track has a smoothed out beat with erie piano riffs. On the song Ace speaks to GOD about all of life's ills as it pertains to a inner-city youth that grows up in poverty and then becomes a success. After checking out this song I can say I like Ace Hood. I like his lyrical word play but must of all I like his delivery. Until next time have some fun and get something done.